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  • Can I put a pool in my back yard?
    In ground pools are permissible once approved by the ACC. Above ground pools are forbidden by the covenants.
  • Do I need ACC approval to build a shed, change shingles on my roof, or put new siding or paint on my house?
  • Do I need ACC approval to put up a swing set in the back yard?
    It is recommended that you let the ACC know.
  • I need to cut down a tree, do I need ACC approval?
    If the tree is dead, No.  However, you should contact them just in case. Live trees need approval before removal.
  • I want to put up a fence do I need to submit a request?
    Yes, you will need to fill out an ACC form indicating the type of work you are going to do and submit it to All-In-One for approval.

  • Can I reserve the Pool for a pool party?
    Yes. You can reserve the pavillion at the pool for your event but other homeowners are still welcome to use the pool during its normal hours of operation.

  • Can I park a boat or camper in my driveway?
    No, this is not permitted under the covenants.
  • My neighbors yard looks bad what can I do?
    You will need to provide the address of the yard in question, description of the problem and length of time this has been a problem. If the house is for sale; note the selling agent and phone number. Submit this information to any one of the following:
    • ACC
    • All-In-One Community Management, Inc.
    • Any HOA board member
     The problem will be investigated and handled in the appropriate manner.

  • Can I be a member on the HOA board?
    If elected, certain board positions will be open each year at the annual meeting held in the October, November time frame.
  • My mailbox was "run over", vandalized, or simply needs to be replaced who do I call?
    Contact All-In-One: 678-363-6479
  • My street lamp/light is out who do I call?
    Paulding County Water System: 770-443-7568
  • What does HOA stand for?
    Homeowners Association
  • Who/What is All-In-One Community Management, Inc.?
    All-In-One is the Property Management Company used by all 3 of the Creekside Communities (Fairways, Highlands, & Orchards). All-In-One handles all daily administrative duties of the HOA, which includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Answering homeowner phone calls & email.
    • Enforcement of covenant violations.
    • Pays the bills (water, electric, lawn maintenance, pool maintenance, etc...)
    • Makes sure we have proper insurance coverage.
    • Collects HOA dues and fines.
    • Fields many homeowner questions
    • Notifies homeowners of all official business of the HOA
    The tasks All-In-One performs could not be expected to be done by a volunteer HOA Executive Board.

Golf Course
  • Golfers are climbing my fence to get their golf balls back, what do I do?
    Call the golf course, give them a description of the golfer and they will handle.
  • I live near the golf course; can I walk down and practice?
    No, you must go to the clubhouse and follow their policies for playing on the golf course.
  • I notice the club house has a party room, can I use it?
    You need to contact the golf course to make arrangements. The club house belongs to the golf course not the community.
  • Is the Golf course part of the HOA? If I'm a member of the HOA am I member of the golf course?
    No, the Golf course is a separate business that resides in the neighborhood.
  • My house borders the golf course. Who is responsible for golf balls hitting my house?
    Actually, the home owner is responsible for protecting their house. On rare occasions a golfer my offer to pay for damages, but the neither the golfer nor the golf course is responsible for accidental damages.

HOA Fees
  • Are HOA fees mandatory?
    Yes, every person that purchases a house in the Fairways, Highlands, and Orchards is automatically a member of the HOA. These fees are used to take care of all three communities.
  • I don't use the pool or tennis courts. Do I need to pay HOA fees?
  • What happens if I don't pay my HOA fees?
    First, you will be sent a notice that you are delinquent. If you still don’t pay then a lien will be placed on your property.
  • What is a Lien?
    The lien will prevent you from selling, or refinancing the property without making satisfactory payment arrangements with the Creekside Home Owners Association.. If satisfactory arrangements are made, the lien may be discharged altogether or postponed in favor of a bank or other agency.

  • Are cats covered under the containment ordinance?
    Yes, cats and all domestic animals must be kept on the owner’s property, just like dogs. This best way to keep cats on your property is to keep them indoors. Some people choose to build pens (with tops) to let their cats enjoy the great outdoors safely.
    Courtesy of the Paulding County Government, Department of Public Safety Animal Control Division:
  • Does Paulding County have a leash law?
    Yes, although the ordinance is not technically a “leash law”, there are containment laws that govern pet owners in the county. This ordinance does not specify that the animal must be tied up or inside a fence at all times (which allows owners to use products such as invisible fence). Basically, all pets must be kept on the pet owners property at all times. If the pet leaves the property it must be secured by a leash.
  • My neighbors dog keeps barking what can I do?
    The best action is to call the Paulding County Animal control office @ 770-445-1511, for barking dogs or dogs wandering the neighborhood.


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